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Sun Flare Systems Inc.®

In an age of climate change and increasing recurrence of natural disasters, Sun Flare Systems Inc.® is taking the necessary steps to ensure our global survival with some really cool stuff.  Welcome to Sun Flare Systems Inc.  Start “Changing the Way You Power UP™! The Future Now Dragons Den.

Solar PowerEnergy

  •  SOS In a Box.  Gas powered generators are great but they’re not exactly portable nor convenient.  Luckily for you our S.O.S in a Box solar powered backup generator systems are compact, powerful and just might save your bacon (and solidify your reputation as “the man”) in an emergency.  
  •  Solar Billboard. For commercial advertising our Solar Billboard has some neat and innovative ways of thinking “Outside the Box”  The applications are endless.  From full scale static billboard that back feeds onto the grid, to corporate entities that want signage with out costly electrical permits.  From store front solar banner signs, to carports with advertisements, there is nothing our patent pending product can’t do.
  • Solar Water Purification.  The Solar Powered, SOS Water Sterilizer Systems can be taken most anywhere in the World and produce cleaner and safer drinking water from most Creeks, Rivers, Lakes, Wells, Boreholes or Freshwater Sources where water sterilization and electrical power are impractical or unattainable. The SOS size systems are completely self contained portable systems which can produce from 2 gallon (3.7 liters) per minute.





Kelowna 10Kw Solar System

Kelowna 10Kw Solar System

February 20, 2015

Sun Flare Systems is currently working a 10Kw Solar System Project in Kelowna, British Columbia. “Stay Tuned”

Matthew Siegler

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